What is SNS?

SNS is a nail dipping system that uses a brush-on gel base on the nail, which is then dipped in a powder. The powder comes in natural pink and white for a French manicure look, as well as a range of colours. ( Over 400 Colors. SNS Colors come in more than 330 glossy finished and in several collections for seasons and special occasions.)


The powder, which also lends strength to the nails, consists of organically-processed chemicals Benzoyl Peroxide, Titatum Dioxide, Acrylic Ester Polymer.

What are the benefits?

1. It looks natural.

There are multiple aesthetic benefits of getting SNS. It looks natural, and is thinner than other options like Gel powder and acrylic nails.

2. SNS Nails make your natural nails stronger.

It’s strong, but feels light. It’s more durable yet more flexible than traditional acrylics, and the powder provides more strength than many gel polish.SNS also feels ‘lighter’ on the nail. It is a quick and easy application, an advantage for both nail technicians and clients, and there is less filing, which means less dust and less drilling than many other products. Minimal damaged to natural nails.

3. It doesn't require UV lights to set.

Unlike shellac, SNS doesn't require UV lights to bond it to the nail. Some people may worry abour If this is an issue that concerns you, SNS will give you the nails you want without the need for a lamp.

What are the benefits of SNS

How do you maintain it?

To remove SNS, the gel surface is sanded off before the nails are soaked in acetone.

SNS nails dipping powder therefore promotes nail strength and nail growth, for more attractive and healthier nails.  This means that if you soak the nail polish off, your natural nails will be longer and healthier than with any other alternative gel nail polishes available on the market.

Like traditional gel nail manicures, SNS nails last for several weeks when tended to properly.  The SNS nail polish does not chip over time or break like regular nail polish and acrylic nails.   The process of retouching extends the life of your SNS nails by two or three weeks!

SNS Nails Last for Weeks

SNS Nails Last for Weeks

What our customer say about SNS ?

“I've been coming here to get my SNS done for the past 8 months, always a fantastic service! My natural nails never looked as nice and long as they now do. Love it “

- Lorena Díaz.

“Lucy is brilliant, by far one of the best manicurist I have had. I love how clean the salon is and how happy and welcoming all the staff are. Absolutely love the SNS nails and I wouldn't go anywhere else for my nails ever again! “

- Lynsey Baker.

“I'm a customer the last one year and always happy to be here! The SNS is perfect! You should try it! Totally recommend this beauty salon! The best in canary wharf! Try it! “

- ευρυδίκη ρούτη.

“Always friendly staff and fabulous looking nails! I always have SNS which lasts usually about 4-5 weeks & highly recommend Office Nails for nails and beauty treatments “

- Lisa Stallwood.