Nail extensions (acrylics) are a very safe and inexpensive way of making your nails look appealing over a period. It is also healthy to remove your acrylics and let your natural nails breathe the fresh air for a few weeks now and then. Having these short breaks from acrylics will ensure your nails are less likely to become brittle, thin or have any infections. However, in some cases acrylics may not be suitable to someone due to specific allergies or other health concerns.

When acrylics are taken off, it is very important to take care of your nails. They may be weak and need proper maintenance and treatment to restore your nails back to their normal state or even better than before. After losing the strong cover made by the acrylic, nails are more prone to damage such as brittleness and tearing. Therefore, it is better to keep them short for a few days or a couple of weeks.  After losing the strong cover made by the acrylic, the nails are more prone to tearing and brittleness. It’s better if they are kept short for few days or up to a couple of weeks so they can regain the strength.

File and trim them Carefully

When acrylics are taken off, do not use harsh files or buffers. Nails may be too weak and can get damaged easily due to harsh nail filling. Use a professional trimmer to take care of filing and trimming your nails.

Massage them well

Massaging your nails regularly can provide essential nutrients. This will also promote healthy growth and make them soft like petals. Make sure you use good nail supplies to massage them such as coconut oil or olive oil for example.

Keep them moisturised

Do not keep your nails dry as they may make them tear and be exposed to brittleness. Soak them for a few minutes a few days a week to keep them moisturised and resistant to breakages. There are many good lotions available for moisturising your nails, it is extremely important for maintaining healthy nails after acrylics.

Any sudden change to the nails has its own consequences. You may need to consult a professional nail artist if you are unable to take care of the nails yourself.