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Shellac Nail


Shorter drying time:the-benefits-of-gel-nails

There are at least four layers of product applied to any one traditional nail manicure; one layer of base coat. Two layers of nail polish or more layers of nail art and a top coat. Traditional nail enamel top coats are clear and applied on top of the nail polish to act as a protective barrier, adding a high gloss shine and protection from getting chipped.  They are designed to bond with polish, for example it is fast-drying, with a glossy formula that can finishes off traditional manicures with a high-gloss shine.

Longer, stronger wear:

Gel nail polishes score huge points for their ability to wear for longer and stronger than a traditional manicure. This is because of the base formula for gel nail polish colours, which are made out of photo-reactive ingredient system that cures with artificial lighting and creates a bond that is more powerful than nail enamel. Your manicure can allow you to walk barefoot on the beach for example and not have to worry about the sand damaging your nail polish and therefore maximise the durability of the design.


Radiant Shine:

Gel nail polish consists of a rich and glossy top coat that is beyond dazzling. The ingenious formula keeps the top coat from dulling, so the glistening wet-look lasts. Those who love the look of freshly painted nails can keep shining for a chic look.

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