The most important benefit for acrylic nails is how long your extensions will last and what you can use them for and what you cannot. Acrylic extensions are strong and can take just about anything you throw at them.


Another great advantage of having acrylic nails, you can change them whenever and however you like. Whether you would like square ends, pointed or round it can do done at Office Nails Beauty. Some people change their mind often, so we offer numerous options to suit their needs.


At Office Nails Beauty, acrylics can be designed with creativity. You can choose a pattern or colour that you would like. The only limit is your imagination. For example, we offer holographic chrome, a fashion trend that will have your nails looking impressive.

Advantages of acrylic nails

They look real:

There is no other artificial extension, which can look as realistic as an acrylic extension when done by one of our nail technicians.  You will be able to look closely and it will be hard to tell where the natural part ends and the extension begins, as a result of the material that is used.


Ideally all of your fingernails should grow and look the same, but they do not. Therefore, acrylics can help to correct this and bring perfect uniformity to your nails and help them to look natural.