SNS Nails is a company that was started by a nail technician with over 30 years of experience. It is family owned with a strong dedication to the absolute satisfaction of its customers. Those that take advantage of the products that SNS Nails has to offer absolutely rave about the beauty and health of their nails.

A major issue in the nail industry has long been that very harsh and hazardous chemicals have been used in various stages of caring for and beautifying nails. This company has realized that this is something that should be addressed and ensures that all of its products are safe for use. It is actually the very first company that determined that a healthy approach should be identified and have kept to this commitment to this day.

They created their unique product line that promotes the health of nails instead of damaging them in 1990. Their dipping powders are heavily fortified in vitamins that help to improve the health and appearance of nails, leading them to be stronger than even before. Some of the vitamins include vitamin D, A, B5, E and calcium. These are all essential vitamins that naturally improve the health of the nail bed.

In addition to working towards creating the healthiest means of nail treatments, they also have a wide array of color options to choose from. Their extensive product line will ensure that you, or your customers, will always be able to choose a new color that expresses their personality and style. Additionally, the surface of the nail is sure to be smooth and appealing and the product will last a full two weeks before needing to be redone or touched up.

Their commitment to health and innovation continues. They are going to soon be releasing a gel product that is far better for the nail bed than products that are currently on the market. Their team of scientists are proud of the fact that it not only protects the natural nail, but promotes its health while giving it a finished, polished look that many women desire.

SNS Nails is a truly unique company and product producer by being one of the only companies that focuses on the health of the nail care process. If harsh chemicals are a concern for you, this is the best product option you will find. Not only is it safe, but it will improve the health of your natural nail with its use.

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