Everything you need to know about SNS nail dipping for your next trip to the beauty salon. 

If you think the only choice you have to make about your nails when you visit your local nail salon is what colour to pick, from trendy blues to popping pinks, think again! You might be excited to learn that there’s another choice to add to your list when it comes to choosing what salon treatment will make you feel and look good. Forget about your standard gel or acrylic manicure (excellent choices though they are) and opt for a nail saving, UV-light free, SNS nail dipping treatment. 

Tell me more about SNS dipping nails… 

Canary Wharf Beauty Salon SNS, also know as a dipping powder manicure is a nail dipping system that uses a brush-on gel base which is dipped in coloured powder. Like the vacuum cleaner VS hover debate, SNS is a brand of dip power, although most now think of the whole technique as SNS. SNS invented dipping powders to give women beautiful and healthy nails. Like other nail techniques, it comes with a myriad of colours, from classic red to nudes or French Manicure style, and have a more natural-looking finish than other manicures. 

Why get SNS instead of gels or acrylic nails?

What makes SNS different from your standard manicures? Many opt for an SNS manicure because it doesn’t have that typical chemical nail varnish smell that other nail treatments give off. It’s also perfect for sensitive skin and those who want to avoid or are nervous of UV nail lamps which set gel manicures. The powder consists of organically-processed chemicals Benzoyl Peroxide, Titanium Dioxide, Acrylic Ester Polymer, and it will last for just as long as any gel or acrylic treatment. 

How is SNS nail dipping powder applied?

SNS nail in LondonThe process is quick and simple, so you won’t spend too long sitting around at the nail salon! Here’s what we do at our Canary Wharf based nail salon Office Nails and Beauty. 

Step 1. We file the nails and shape them to your choosing. We then apply a primer to get the surface of the nail ready for the treatment. 

Step 2. We apply a coat of resin on the nail plate to ensure the nail powder will stick to the nail. 

Step 3. The nail is dipped into the coloured powder to give your nails that wow factor. We have over 400 colours available, ranging from the natural look to the vibrant colour splash. 

Step 4. A top coat of resin is applied, along with an activator which sets the colour. 

Step 5. The finishing touch of a glossy top coat is applied to give your nails an eye-catching shine. 

Your treatment can last up to 14 days if you take good care of them, or you can return to the salon at any point for a touch-up treatment. 

How much should I pay for an SNS nail treatment?

Prices vary depending on which salon you attend, but treatment tends to cost a pittance more than a standard gel or acrylic manicure as it’s healthier for your nails. If you visit our Canary Wharf based salon Office Nails & Beauty you can treat yourself to a full set of SNS nail dipping for £41. 


Are you convinced? SNS nails are the gold dust of nail treatments – healthy for your natural nails, long-lasting and beautiful. Take a look at our price list to find out more.  

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