We are the number one specialist for SNS nail dipping treatments in London.

SNS nail dipping is the top performer of nail treatments. Perfect for those who want to avoid UV lights, soaks off in a matter of minutes and gives you long-lasting professional looking nails. 

What is SNS nail diping? 

SNS, also know as a dipping powder manicure is a nail dipping system that uses a brush-on gel base dipped in coloured powder. It’s perfect for sensitive skin and those who want to avoid or are nervous of UV nail lamps which set gel manicures, and last just as long, if not longer than acrylic or gel manicures. Lastly, it’s actually healthy for your nails and can make them stronger!

How is an SNS nail dipping treatment applied?

As SNS is a relatively new nail technique, not every salon can offer the treatment. Our highly-trained and professional nail technicians at Office Nails and Beauty in Canary Wharf are specialists in SNS nail dipping art, a technique that promises healthy nails and a stunning manicure that lasts up to 3 weeks.

Why visit Office Nails and Beauty in Canary Wharf for an SNS nail dipping treatment?

Office Nails and Beauty are one of the only nail salons in London to specialise in the SNS nail dipping technique. 

At Office Nails and Beauty we pride ourselves on: 

  • Offering a wide array of colour options with over 200+ colours available
  • Being one of the only nail salons in London specialising in SNS nail dipping treatments 
  • Our conveniently located nail salon in Canary Wharf with an efficient service for office workers and shoppers alike
  • A friendly and welcoming atmosphere where you can relax while we make you look stunning 
  • Our fully qualified nail technicians with over ten years of experience in the nail extension industry
  • Our staff with a passion for delivering great manicures and pedicures with excellent attention to detail 
  • Competitive nail treatment prices starting from £33

SNS nail dipping treatments

Our fully-qualified nail technicians have the most up-to-date knowledge of trends and techniques. If you’re a first time client, chat to our friendly staff to find out what the right product is for you and what might suit your lifestyle. 

At Office Nails and Beauty we offer the following SNS nail dipping treatments: